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Hasbro is one of the heaviest hitters in the world of toys, so it's only natural that it would want to be involved in Star Wars – among the most successful of any toy franchise since the early days of Kenner action figures and vehicles.

Hasbro is the fastest-growing

Since the mid-1990’s, after an acquisition of Kenner, the company has produced multiple series of superb quality Star Wars toys, including action figures, dioramas, collector's packs, and space ships.

Many of the modern editions echo old favorites from the Kenner series. If you can't afford a vintage Kenner Millennium Falcon or AT-AT, then you can purchase one of several modern versions available.

The Fastest-Growing Market in Star Wars Collectibles

More affordable and more readily available than their vintage counterparts, Hasbro Star Wars toys are collected by millions of Star Wars fans around the world.

Whether you put your collection together as they were first released, or have built it in recent years, there is good news when it's time to sell. There is plenty of demand for your Star Wars collectibles.

The question is, how do you unlock the cash tied up in your Hasbro toys when you need, or want, to move on to something else?

Sell It Yourself

You could part out the collection using eBay, Craigslist, or other forms of online advertising. This is pretty much a full-time job, unless you are prepared to sacrifice the entire collection as a single lot, and there are many uncertainties about the prices you will receive.

Then there's packing and shipping, admin, lost or damaged shipments, disagreements between you and your buyers over condition, and a long wait to get the full amount.

Find a Local Dealer

You could sell to a random dealer. Naturally the dealer is looking to make the most money they can from your Star Wars toys, so don't expect to like their first (or second, or even final!) offers.

Hasbro acquired Kenner Toys, makers of the original series of Star Wars toys

Consult Our Buy List

Lastly, you could use the buy list (click to download) from Brian's Toys. You will know precisely what your toys will bring you, because, unlike other dealers, we don't haggle, lowball, or drag our heels when payment's due.

We publish, and update, our buy list to make it totally transparent to collectors holding Hasbro Star Wars toys what they will receive from us when they choose to sell.

Providing your collection is as described, our buy list is a guaranteed price once we confirm your quote. No fuss, no delay. We arrange for a UPS shipment to us, inspect your toys, and cut you a check.

There are plenty of ways to dispose of a collection of Star Wars toys, but only one truly smart way. Download our buy list by clicking here, and find out what you could achieve for your vintage toys today.

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