Selling Your Star Wars
Master Replicas Collection

Master Replicas are no mere toys. They are faithful reproductions of props used during the Star Wars movies, modelled on the originals in the LucasFilm archives.

Master Replicas makes the most authentic light sabers, helmets and other collectible Star Wars merchandise

While there is a heavy focus on light saber replicas, there are also many replica blasters, helmets, vehicles, and specialty items like medals and weaponry.

From the Master Replicas Millennium Falcon Signature Edition (signed by Harrison Ford) to the AT-AT and Y-Wing, the vehicles are always in high demand.

While there are many different lightsabers, and a wide array of prices, most of the limited edition Master Replicas lightsabers are in high demand as well.

The huge interest in anything from the Star Wars universe has kept prices for these limited edition collector's items strong, especially with the relatively low production numbers of 500 to 3000 for most replicas produced.

That's great news if you have assembled a collection of Star Wars Master Replicas, because their value typically held steady or increased as you have owned them.

So What Now?

If you're looking at your collection and thinking that it may be time to cash in, then your options are fairly limited.

Do you sell them yourself piece by piece, try to find a buyer for everything at once, or call a dealer?

It took you a long time to build this collection. Don't let your replicas go for less than they're worth. While it's human nature to want retail prices when you come to sell, you also need to be realistic.

Dealers are in business to make money when they buy and sell. Many collectors don't enjoy haggling with a dealer when they buy: you can multiply that discomfort by ten when it's your collection he's made an offer for.

Surely there is a better way? A way to be sure of how much you will receive for your replicas, and a transparent buying process that minimizes your inconvenience, while maximizing the cash you put in your pocket?

Master Replicas makes the most authentic light sabers, helmets and other collectible Star Wars merchandise

When It's Time to Sell...

...Brian's Toys is the place to turn.

There's one simple reason why more collectors trust us with their collection when they choose to sell it. They work with us because we make it easy:

  • Easy to see how much you will receive
  • Easy to ship your toys to us
  • Easy and fast to get your money

Download our buy list. This is not a regular price guide, like so many you see online or in books or magazines.

Our published prices are the amounts we actually pay you. Period! No awkward conversations, no waiting for your money.

  • Price your items
  • Ship them to us via UPS (on our account)
  • Have them inspected by us
  • Receive your check

Doesn't that sound like an elegant solution? If you'd like to find out more, or speak to us, then please click here to contact us.

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