Get the Most Money For Your
Star Wars Action Figures

Star Wars action figures have been hot collectibles, almost since their release by Kenner to co-incide with Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope, way back in the 1970s.

Star Wars Action Figures are widely collected

A strong collector's market has been assured, thanks to the millions of fans and collectors of George Lucas's sci-fi franchise. Sequels in the early 1980s meant multiple runs of toys to seek out and collect.

Like them or loathe them, Episodes I, II and III only served to fuel the fires in a hot collector's market, and also gave rise to a whole new generation of action figures to collect.

What Are My Star Wars Figures REALLY Worth?

That is a very good question!

Whether you browse the optimistic asking prices collectors are seeking on eBay, or read one of the many Star Wars price guide publications available, you will probably be excited at the potential value in your collection.

However, when you come to sell, dealers are offering you pennies on the dollar. What's up with that?

Dealers exist to make money. They will naturally offer you the least they think you will accept for your collection, so they can maximize their profit margin when they resell it.

It's so confusing! You are pushed and pulled in all directions:

  • Retail prices
  • eBay listings
  • Price guides
  • Lowball dealer offers

Where do you turn for a REAL sense of the value of your Star Wars toys?

Brian's Toys is the World Leader in Star Wars Toys

There are hundreds of different Star Wars action figures

It's easy to make claims like this, but for once it happens to be true. Brian's Toys has been trading vintage Star Wars action figures, ships, vehicles and other toys and collector's items since 1994.

Brian's Toys focuses on customer service and offering the best price for your toys, hassle-free. We buy hundreds of collections every year. Why do so many collectors turn to us when they want (or need) to cash in?

We make it as easy as possible for you to discover the true, cash value of your action figure collection, and super-simple to achieve that amount in the fastest time possible.

Download our buy list. This is no mere price guide: it's a guarantee that we will pay you the stated price, after inspection of your Star Wars action figures and other toys. We update our list a couple of times per month.

Once we've viewed and approved your quotation, we arrange for UPS to ship them from you to us (you can drop the parcels to a UPS outlet, or pay a small fee for them to collect from your home). Once we receive and inspect the toys, we'll issue payment. It's that simple.

Stop dreaming about selling your Star Wars toys. Download our buy list, and find out exactly how much cash you can have in your pocket when you sell them to Brian's Toys.

I'd Like to Discuss This First...

No problem. We're happy to speak with you. Click here to contact us, and begin getting the most money for your vintage Star Wars figures.

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