We Specialize in Star Wars Collectibles

If you own Star Wars Collectibles – and you want to turn them into cash as soon as possible – then Brian's Toys should be your first port of call.

 Erik, Brian,Sonja and Carina Semling of Brian's Toys

Established in 1994, Brian's Toys has happy customers from all 50 states, as well as 100 countries all over the world. But you are here because you have vintage Star Wars toys to sell, right?

Before we get down to business, here's a little more about the origins of Brian's Toys.

How We Took Over the Family Home...

It was 1994 when we set up Brian's Toys in my parent's basement, and before long, their entire home was overrun with classic Star Wars toys. It was getting hard to move!

I bless them for their patience in those early years, but I think everybody was relieved when we moved the business into a nearby 8,000 square foot warehouse.

Brian's Toys now occupies several locations, and the entire family now helps to make the business the success it has become.

We Will Not Be Beaten

We're the leading buyer of Star Wars toys in North America. You name it, we've bought and sold it over the years!

Here's just some of what we buy and sell:

  • Big mixed collections of Star Wars toys and collector's items
  • Modern Hasbro toys, from 1995 to the present (including Episode I, II, and III, as well as countless re-issues and new offerings from the original Star Wars trilogy)
  • Star Wars LEGO
  • SideShow Collectibles Star Wars toys
  • Star Wars Master Replicas
  • Kenner Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Power of the Force vehicles, action figures, and coins

Many collectors who have decided to sell have been surprised and delighted at just how much their vintage Star Wars toys (or modern Star Wars toys) are worth.

There's no guesswork. We have a published Star Wars price list you can download (click here to get the latest version), so you can see exactly what we pay for every item you possess.

Meet Our Dedicated Team!

Get the MOST Cash For Your Vintage Star Wars Toys

The good news is, Brian's Toys will not be beaten on price or service. Whether it's 1970s or 80s Kenner, or 1990s Hasbro items, Brian's Toys will give you the best price, guaranteed.

When it's time to sell, follow our easy process to get your money as quickly as possible:

  1. Download our buy list. This shows you the exact price you will receive for your Star Wars collectibles.
  2. When you've priced the items, pack them carefully.
  3. You can ship to us using our UPS account. Tell us the number of cartons, weights of the packages, and dimensions, and UPS Ground shipping labels are generated for you to use.
  4. You can drop off at a UPS Store or UPS counter, or for an additional charge of $6 per shipment (not per box), UPS will pick up at your home or any address provided. The UPS rates include our corporate discount, and are much less than if you ship through UPS as a retail customer.
  5. Brian's Toys will inspect your collection, and then send you immediate payment, minus the shipping charge.

Need to Speak to Somebody First?

Click here to contact us, and begin getting the most money for your vintage Star Wars collectibles.

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