How to Sell Your Star Wars Merchandise

When you are done collecting Star Wars merchandise, your primary objective is to sell it for as much money as possible.

How to sell your Star Wars merchandise collection

We deal with thousands of collectors every year, and their reasons for selling vary. The most common are:

  • downsizing for a house move
  • loss of regular income
  • require cash for a major purchase or investment
  • loss of interest in the collection
  • expecting a new child

Your reasons for selling are your own.

Our interest is helping you to liquidate your collection with the minimum of fuss, and the best possible return for you.

Brian's Toys: the World's Leading Star Wars Toys Specialist

Established in 1994, Brian's Toys is the undisputed leader in the Star Wars field.

We buy hundreds of collections every year. There is no upper limit on our purchasing capabilities: if whatever you have is on our buy list (click here to download the current version), then we'll purchase it from you.

We have streamlined the buying experience to make it as easy as possible for you to see how much money you will get for your Star Wars merchandise.

Once you have an approved quote, you can ship your toy collection to us on our UPS account to receive a discounted rate. We simply deduct the discounted shipping charges from your payment.

You can drop off at any UPS Store or UPS location, or UPS can arrange to pickup at your home for an additional $6 charge. Also, we submit payment to you within 3 business days of inspecting your toy collection.

What Star Wars Toys Do You Buy?

We have a full buy list. Download your copy here. It includes the prices we pay for your vintage Star Wars toys.

Here's a sample of what we buy (click the live links to read more about each type of collectible):

Sell your Star Wars merchandise to Brian's Toys
  • Kenner Star Wars toys
  • official Star Wars light sabers
  • LEGO Star Wars sets
  • Hasbro Star Wars toys
  • Sideshow Collectibles
  • Gentle Giant
  • EFX
  • Master Replicas
  • Attakus
  • Star Wars action figures, ships and vehicles from the above series

If you own a product that is not on the above list, it may be of interest, but we recommend that you contact us first to confirm.

What Condition Must My Toys Be In?

We only buy complete, in the box or original packaging, Star Wars merchandise.

Small packaging faults are acceptable, especially on 1970s and early 1980s boxes and blister packs, but very worn, damaged or punctured packaging will have a big impact on the value of your toys.

If in any doubt, before you send us a shipment, click here to contact us. We can help guide you through the grading process, so nobody is disappointed.

When you're ready to ship, ensure that everything is well packed, to protect it from damage in transit.

Many people make the mistake of protecting their toys from exterior harm, but overlook the fact that toys shifting in transit can damage one another! So be sure to protect each toy's package inside the outer cartons.

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