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The Star Wars price guide published by Brian's Toys is unlike anything you can find anywhere else, whether free or for sale. Download yours today.

An example page from our Star Wars price guide for collectors looking to sell

Why is our price guide different? Simple.

While alternative vintage Star Wars toys price guides claim to be based on market research, or sales data from actual items that have sold on the open market, when it comes time for you to sell, they are pretty much worthless.

What you need to know is, what can YOU get for YOUR Star Wars merchandise collection, should you choose to sell it today?

Allow us to demonstrate exactly what your collection is worth, the easy way!

Discover the Real Value of Your Collection

When you download the Brian's Toys buy list by clicking here, you will be getting something of true worth.

Rather than a speculative document that will let you dream of how much your collection might be valued at, you will be able to put an actual cash value on it in today's market. It's updated a couple of times per month.

What does this mean?

When it's time to sell, you can turn your collection into cash at the prices we publish. That is a huge difference from other collectible price guides or books, which are 'pie in the sky' attempts to keep collectors excited about their hobby.

Yes, you can expect to pay other people's guide prices when you're BUYING from dealers. But, short of taking a vacation from your daily life and becoming a full-time trader, to sell your collection piece by piece, you can forget receiving anything like those prices.

Who has the time, or the freedom, to piece out their vintage Star Wars toys to achieve the retail prices published in most Star Wars price guide publications?

Do you want to be describing, photographing, listing, collecting payments, packing, and shipping individual toys for weeks or months to get your money, a few bucks at a time?

Cash When You Need It, and No Nonsense

Download our catalog. It's like a Star Wars price guide!

Most people with a cash flow problem need to sell their Star Wars toys in a hurry, for the best price they can get. Finding a collector to buy everything at once is almost impossible.

So, a professional then? But you face a major problem. Dealers are usually not the best place to turn under such circumstances.

The typical dealer in any collectible is looking to pay bottom dollar for your Star Wars toys. That is, quite simply, how dealers make their living. Buy low, sell high.

Brian's Toys is different. Our price guide is a buy list. It is a published list of the prices we WILL pay you for the items mentioned.

You can take our guide (click to download it), compare the prices against your collection. Send it to us, and once we've confirmed your quote is correct, we'll arrange for UPS to pick up your shipment.

We'll inspect it at our offices, then cut you a check.

Now, that's a Star Wars price guide that has true value to the collector who needs to sell. Whatever your reason to liquidate your collection, Brian's Toys is here to help.


It's normal to need to speak with somebody first. Click here to contact us. We'll be happy to explain the process, or address any concerns you might have.

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