Selling Your Star Wars Vehicle Toys

While they are super-cool, a boxed collection of Star Wars vehicle toys takes up a lot of space. You need to dedicate almost an entire room if you have one of everything!

Your Star Wars vehicle collection could be worth a lot of money

When you started out collecting, you knew it was a commitment. And congratulations on putting together such a fun lot of modern or vintage Star Wars toys.

But things change. And when they do, Brian's Toys is here to help.

Are You Thinking of Selling?

While it may once have been your passion to put together a collection of vintage Star Wars toys, perhaps you have lost interest, and want to collect something else.

Maybe you are downsizing, and need the space your collection occupies.

Getting married, having a baby, a debt to pay down, loss of income...

There are so many reasons you may have for selling your prized collection of toys. Those reasons are your own business, but buying Star Wars toys is our business.

Brian's Toys, established in 1994, is the world's leading buyer of Star Wars collectibles. We'll be happy to give you the best price for your vehicles, Star Wars action figures and other items.

Start by downloading our Buy List.

What Star Wars Vehicles Do You Buy?

Pretty much anything, from the Kenner AT-AT released in the late 1970s, to the Hasbro Star Wars toys first launched in the 1990s, all the way up to the latest Hasbro releases.

This Millennium Falcon is one of the best-known Star Wars vehicles
  • Episode IV
  • Episode V
  • Episode VI
  • The Force
  • Episode I
  • Episode II
  • Episode III
  • TRU exclusives
  • K-Mart exclusives
  • Target exclusives

Some of the vehicles will be very familiar: Land Speeder, Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighter, and Scout Walker; while others are more obscure, such as the MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) and Y-Wing.

Collectors don't have trouble making this kind of distinction, but when you come to sell your toys, you may find it difficult to offload your whole collection in one go, especially if the person you're selling to is not a specialist.

Be prepared to be patient. It can take a very long time to piece out a collection, whether you sell online or locally; and finding one buyer for everything might take you months.

But I Need the Money as Soon as Possible!

Your options are fairly limited if you need your money out quickly:

  • You could advertise, and hope to attract a major collector who wants it all.
  • You could contact a local dealer. Just take a deep breath and hold your nose, because their offer is going to stink!
  • Finally, you could download our Buy List.

Brian's Toys pays top dollar for all old Star Wars toys. You never have to wonder whether you're getting a fair price, because all the prices are listed in detail on our buy list (click to download).

You get exactly the same deal as everybody else.

What's more, once you've sent us a list and we've verified the contents of the collection, we make it easy for you to send us your Star Wars vehicles.

Box them up securely and drop them to a UPS office (we advance the cost of shipping against your final payment). You can pay a few dollars more, and UPS will even come to you and pick them up!

Once we've inspected your collection, we'll approve payment and cut you a check.

That Sounds Too Easy...

It's certainly a better way to do business.

That's why we are the world's largest buyer of Star Wars collectibles. We buy hundreds of collections every year.

Can I Talk to Brian's Toys First?

Sure. Click here to contact us. We're looking forward to your call.

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